Deep (2017) | Fear the Walking Dead 4. Sezon 9. Bölüm Fear the Walking Dead 4. Sezon 9. Bölüm 12 Ağu. | Descarga juegos PSP
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Jackson is shown with a wolfbite, implying Derek bit him. When Allison's father forbids Allison to be with Scott, they make it work behind his back. At the hospital, Lydia, finally awake, vanishes while showering when the tub suddenly fills with black water and a burnt arm grabs her. Scott and Stiles then try to trace her scent and find her. In a graveyard, a tormented teen named Isaac is working on Kate's grave before being attacked; Derek appears to save him. Jackson begins bleeding black blood and is confronted by Derek, who, surprised, explains that his body is resisting the bite. When Scott and Stiles hear about a bloody body being found, they believe Lydia is behind it. Scott is attacked by another werewolf, while a naked Lydia is finally found. Scott chases the wolf, but is caught by Derek and ...


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